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What happens when I apply on your site?

You will be soon contacted by our employee in order to perform an initial consultation and to provide documents needed for further negotiations.

What types of receivables do you repurchase?

In principle, all of them. These can be trade receivables, credit and loan agreements, insurance claims or even outstanding alimony.

Is there a cap for the amount of receivables you repurchase?

We may choose to repurchase any receivable, whether big or small, if it is beneficial for the client in the given case. This will be discussed during the consultation.

What is your fee?

The price for which we repurchase your receivable is always individual, but in general, the fee ranges from less than ten percent to the order of tens of percent.

How do you determine the receivable value?

The amount you can receive for your outstanding receivable depends on its type, age, circumstances of origin, debtor and available documentation for the receivable.

How long does it usually take for you to recover the money?

The time that it takes for us to recover the debt varies greatly, but the important thing is that the client does not have to wait and gets the agreed amount of money immediately since we repurchase the receivable from them.

Who actually recovers debts?

Our authorized employees in cooperation with an external law firm.

How exactly do your recover debts?

We lead business negotiations with the debtor, maintain active contact, file civil court actions, apply for distraints or petition for insolvency proceedings.

Are there any risks for me after repurchase?

All risks associated with the exercise of receivables, especially the risk of their irrecoverability, are assumed by AB Pohledávky, a.s.

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Contact us with an offer for the sale of your receivables on the website www.abpohledavky.cz either via the inquiry form or by telephone phone. An authorized employee will contact you within a few hours for an initial consultation. You will be asked to provide additional documents about the receivable and the circumstances of its origin. If the documents are sufficient for us, we will start the process of assessing your receivable and will contact you usually on the next day with an offer to repurchase your receivable. If you agree with our offer, we will draw up the contractual documentation. After concluding the contract, you will usually receive the money on your bank account in two days.

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